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Carepath Connections


Chronic Disease

At the age of 59, I was diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancer. From scheduling multiple calls with me and my family over two years to helping me understand test results and manage the side effects of chemotherapy, my Nurse Case Manager supported my family and I with everything we needed throughout my cancer journey. I was […]

Chronic Disease

I was very concerned about the onset of new back and neck pain and how it was impacting by ability to function. When I was diagnosed with possible myelomalcia – softening of the spine – my Nurse Case Manager really helped me understand my diagnosis and treatment plan. With ongoing phone support, we also discussed […]

Mental Health

As a 36-year-old married father of two, I didn’t know that low energy, trouble sleeping and fighting with my spouse was related to anxiety and depression until I contacted Carepath for help. My Nurse Case Manager connected me with the right clinician to get a diagnosis and then helped facilitate the development of a treatment […]

Elder Care

I contacted Carepath when my 70-year-old mother with early onset dementia needed to be moved into assisted living. I wanted her to be close to family, but that meant moving her from Halifax to Toronto, and I had no idea where to start on making the arrangements. From ensuring my mother had a PSW in […]