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Cancer Assistance Program

CAREpath's Cancer Assistance Program was created to assist individuals in navigating through the increasing complexities of the public health care system.

CAREpath's Cancer Assistance Program was created to assist individuals in navigating through the increasing complexities of the public health care system.

A cancer diagnosis is traumatic. Often patients feel confused, overwhelmed, and lonely, and don't know where to turn for help.

Our services are designed to provide you with answers, guidance and support.

  • We provide individualized case management for all types and stages of cancer.
  • We help reduce the physical and emotional impact of cancer.
  • We provide bilingual services across Canada, in both rural and urban communities.
  • We deliver our support telephonically making it timely and efficient.
  • We offer a single point of contact throughout your treatment maintaining a continuity of care.
  • Our nurses are assigned to you based on their subspecialty allowing for deeper knowledge of your specific cancer type.

If you haven't already, please view our navigation program video.

You won’t need to fight cancer alone.

Happy Cancer Patient and son

Your nurse will be there every step of the way, through treatment, recovery and into survivorship.

Learn more about your cancer

Our nurse can help answer your questions, such as:

  • Where do I start?
  • What are these tests for, and what do the results mean?
  • Are there other tests I should consider?
  • What questions should I ask my oncologist?
  • How do this treatment plan work?

Who does CAREpath help?

We help:

Patients and their families:
Helping them navigate the health care system, improving both the quality of care and emotional support.

Medical specialists and family doctors:
We provide family doctors with up to date oncology information, allowing them to remain integrated in their patient’s journey.

Ensuring effective symptom management and support also benefits employers, allowing employees to return to work faster and improving performance and productivity.


Next Steps

The first step is calling our intake line 1-866-883-5956 to get started or for more information. You will then be assigned a personal certified oncology nurse, who will provide you with in-depth knowledge about your cancer. The nurse will work closely with you to ensure that you receive the right treatment, at the right time in the right place.

You won’t need to fight cancer alone.

Your nurse will be there every step of the way, through treatment, recovery and into survivorship. They will address all your questions and work with you, your family and doctors to ensure all of your emotional, medical and treatment needs are met, and that everything possible is being done to help.

In the end, our patients feel empowered to better understand their disease so they know what to expect before, during and, after treatment.

Your nurse will provide:

  • Supportive counselling for you and your family throughout all treatment phases
  • Medical best practices advice, answers to your questions and explanations of tests and treatments based on the most current evidence-based guidelines developed by world-leading cancer clinicians
  • Questions to ask doctors during visits and check-ups
  • Expert assessment of cancer treatment approaches and guidance to alternative treatments, if required
  • Access to preeminent cancer expertise and options within Canada
  • Constant guidance and advice throughout treatment to keep side effects to a minimum and ensure speedy recovery
  • Suggestions on how to promote recovery and reduce cancer recurrence
  • Advice on lifestyle changes required to reduce risk of other chronic diseases
  • Tools to enable the plans to work effectively
  • A guide to future health care



Bruce Good

Bruce Good, a firefighter with 25 years service facing non-Hodgkins lymphoma, accessed CAREpath services through his wife's workplace health benefits package.

Roger Piggott

Roger, cancer free as of April 2009, talks about how the CAREpath Navigation System™ turned his life around after being diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

Kelly-Anne (CAREpath Nurse)

Words cannot express the effect you and your assistance has helped both Joyce and I through this time in our lives. Many things in our life have been challenging but this Breast Cancer, mastectomy , chemo treatment …all overpowered us.

You have directly assisted us through this difficult time as there are extenuating circumstances that paralleled Joyce's treatments. We met with the radiologist last week to see if Joyce needed radiation as she stopped the chemo after 9 cycles. His words are etched into my memory...he told Joyce that she should consider herself cancer free!

Please show or forward this email to your direct supervisors and administrative personnel. We want them to know the wonderful person you are and how you were our "guardian angel " through this ordeal. Again keep doing what you are doing as you may never know how much you are appreciated…

Gordon Power

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Our Cancer Assistance Medical Advisory Board:

advanced, accomplished and experienced.

Our Medical Advisory Board includes some of Canada’s most accomplished cancer care specialists. The Board is comprised of dedicated medical experts who are selected on the basis of their expertise and experience in a variety of areas beneficial to CAREpath's vision. The Medical Board includes:

Peter Anglin, MD, FRCPC, MBA

Bill Hryniuk, MD, FRCPC

Ralph Gilbert, MD, FRCSC

Walter H. Gotlieb, MD, Ph.D

Srikala Sridhar, MD, MSc, FRCPC

Denny DePetrillo, MD, FRCSC

Joseph Ragaz, MD, FRCPC

Bill Orovan, MD, FRCSC

Louis L. Fenkell, MD, FRCPC

Caroline Lohrisch, MD, FRCPC