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Your Wellness Partner

Your Wellness Partner is a confidential, evidenced-based, mental health assessment and counseling service.

Wellness involves your whole health - emotional and mental, as well as physical. It’s a fine balance that affects the quality of people's personal and professional life. For some, maintaining that balance can feel overwhelming. Your Wellness Partner is a confidential, evidenced-based, mental health assessment and counseling service.  Our dedicated team of qualified health care professionals are here to help you find balance and peace of mind.

Your Wellness Partner  is a program for people experiencing mental health problems, stress, or other difficulties, whether at work or at home. We provide telephone coaching/counselling and access to cutting edge programs for mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Our team includes experienced registered nurses, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists who are there to support you. We complement the care provided by your own team of health professionals, rather than replace it.

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Your Wellness Partner supports employees whether at work or on leave.


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We complement the care provided by your own team of health professionals, rather than replace it.


Next Steps

Your Wellness Partner is available through your employee benefits. The first step is calling Your Wellness Partner intake line 1-888-393-8267 to get started or for more information. You will reach our Intake Nurse who can answer your questions. Any information shared is strictly confidential and cannot be shared with your employer, an insurance company, or any other party without your consent.

Benefits of Your Wellness Partner

We can help with many emotional concerns and mental health problems, including:

  • Managing mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and trauma.
  • Coping with life transitions, such as divorce, loss, and grief.
  • Managing stress, whether related to life issues or work issues.
  • Communication, assertiveness, and conflict.
  • Manage work problems or plan a return to work.

We can provide:

  • Navigation, with a health care professional who works with you by phone. The navigator can help you to understand your treatment options and ensure you have the right care in place.
  • Coaching /counselling to help you get through a mental illness, navigate the mental health care system, and address specific concerns.
  • More in-depth psychotherapy by telephone, provided by an experienced Masters or PhD level therapist.
  • Rapid access to psychiatric assessment and a second opinion.

Who does CAREpath help?

We help:

Patients and their families:
Helping them navigate the health care system, improving both the quality of care and emotional support.

Medical specialists and family doctors:
We provide family doctors with up to date information, allowing them to remain integrated in their patient’s journey.

Ensuring effective symptom management and support also benefits employers, allowing employees to return to work faster and improving performance and productivity.

If you are in need of immediate support please call your local crisis line or Crisis Services Canada 1-833-456-4566

For additional support and services in your area please visit Canadian Mental Health Association 

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